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In 2013, with 175,000 new customers (+ 10%), FASTWEB confirmed its leadership in the acquisition of new broadband customers on the italian market.

This commercial success was obtained also thanks to the company’s continuous investment to extend its fibre optic network to 20% of the Italian population. By the end of 2013, 60% of the street cabinets estimated in the two-year plan launched in 2012 had already been installed and work on the fibre network of 12 Italian cities was also completed (Ancona, Bari, Brescia, Como,  Livorno,  Monza, Padova, Pisa, Reggio Emilia, Varese, Verona). The new ultra-broadband services were also offered in some areas of Turin, Palermo, Genoa, Bergamo, Bologna and Rome where work will be completed by the end of 2014. In 2013, 1.6 million homes and businesses were passed by FASTWEB’s new fibre network.

In the Corporate business segment, FASTWEB strengthened its co-leadership position reaching a 23% market share. This results from a 28% market share in core tlc services (data and voice) and from a 15% market share in the growing market of VAS/ICT.  Moreover, the Corporate Business Unit achieved its goal for the sales of new value-added ICT services (Cloud Computing, Security and Housing/Co-location, Managed services, Unified Communication). These services complement the portfolio of other services which FASTWEB already offers to large companies and Public Administration.

In 2013, FASTWEB revised its vision and its values ​ and published its first Sustainability Report for the year 2012.


FASTWEB launches national ultra-broadband network expansion

In 2012, in a particularly difficult market context, FASTWEB increased the number of its customers by 11%, from 1.6 million to 1.767 million. It also increased investment during the year, thus underlining its technological leadership in fixed line telecommunications.

The activities of the Consumer Division focused on core services, that is offering the best quality fixed and mobile broadband Internet to its customers. FASTWEB, during the year, also strengthened its commercial partnership with SKY, which allowed it to offer the integration of television entertainment to its customers in a package.

The Corporate Division was reorganized with the aim of offering a more complete and high quality service to small and medium-sized enterprises, large companies and to the Public Administration. For the first time, Unified Communications, Cloud computing and security solutions, which had previously only been offered to large corporations, were also offered to SMEs with the same levels of quality and reliability.

During the year, FASTWEB also launched a major network expansion plan. The plan entails a 400 million Euro investment in order to expand the fibre network to a further twenty cities by 2014 using Fibre-to-the-Street technology. With this investment, FASTWEB’s next generation fibre network will reach more than 5.5 million homes and businesses, thus covering over 20% of the Italian population at a connection speed of up to 100 megabits per second.


FASTWEB: Innovation and Partnership with SKY

In 2011 FASTWEB’s estabilished itself as an important partner of large companies and Public Administration, where it maintained a market share of 20% with fixed telephony services, internet services, value added services such as Unified Communications. In April, Consip confirmed FASTWEB as a certified supplier for Public Administration for the provision, installation and maintenance of private telephone systems and of ancillary products and services. In August, the Company won a tender of the Lombardia Region for telecommunications systems in all offices, connected by a fiber optic network with high performances. All offices were furnished with video and multimedia rooms. To complete its Business Offer, FASTWEB launched later this year a cloud computing solution, FASTcloud, designed and sized for big companies.

With regars to private customers, in 2011 FASTWEB opened owned and franchised stores both to strengthen its market presence and to strengthen the brand, and signed the agreement with SKY that enables the combination of the Sky satellite TV offer with Fastweb’s broadband internet and landline services, with the objective for both companies to increase market penetration.

Moreover, in 2011 FASTWEB has confirmed its commitment to develp a new generation network in Italy (NGN) and therefore has decided to acquire a share of 11% of Metroweb.

With twelve years of history, FASTWEB is now recognized as a robust and reliable company. To represent this new phase of history a new spokeman has been chosen: George Clooney.


Executive Customers highlight of the year

Strong commitment in the development of the New Generation Network (NGN) and success in the Executive market are the hallmarks of FASTWEB’s activity in 2010.
The company stood out for its leadership role in putting forward modernization proposals of the TLC networks. From September FASTWEB, building on its IP fiber optic network, made available its Fiber 100 offer to the residential market. Hence, two million households and companies may browse the Internet at 100 Mbps for the first time in Italy.
In 2010 FASTWEB confirmed its leadership in the Executive market. It is hereby worth mentioning two contracts that were awarded to FASTWEB, besides others. In the P.A. sector, a lot of the Consip tender for the provision, installation and maintenance of private telephone systems and of ancillary products and services.
In the banking sector the implementation, by Unicredit, with which the company has been collaborating since 2005, of FASTWEB’s Unified Communications solution, for the creation of the bank counter of the future.
With regards to the corporate structure, last autumn, Swisscom made a voluntary public purchase offer to FASTWEB’s remaining shareholders to purchase FASTWEB’s shares (accounting for 17.918% of the share capital) not yet owned by the Swiss company.
At the end of the Public Purchase Offer (November 2010) 94.83% of FASTWEB’s share capital was in the hands of Swisscom which started the procedures for delisting FASTWEB’s shares from the Milan Stock Exchange.


FASTWEB, ten years as a star

In Europe 40% of users provided with an optical fiber connection are FASTWEB’s customers.
FASTWEB’s growth in target market segments – households, corporate, public administration, small and medium enterprises – continues.
On the other end FASTWEB offers the so called Unified Communication to large corporations, a solution for the integration of different communication channels and terminals.
FASTWEB’s 10-year history is described in Valerio Castronovo and Giovanni Paoloni’s book published by Laterza “FASTWEB 1999-2009: The story of an innovative enterprise”.



100 Mega for Sme and Mobile Services

For Italy’s SMEs located in areas reached by FASTWEB infrastructure a 100 Mega bandwidth can be provided: it’s the first time in Italy. Moreover, in the same year, FASTWEB is able to offer mobile services (voice and data) as an Mvno thus becoming a 4P operator, after being a leader in convergence thank to its Triple Play.

FASTWEB and Italy’s incumbent, Telecom Italia, conclude an industrial agreement to foster the implementation of New Generation Networks. Accordingly the two operators will share infrastructures and ducts necessary to put in place NGN networks by following a cooperation model open to all the interested tlc operators.
FASTWEB and Valentino Rossi will go on with their collaboration: the outstanding Moto GP world champion will be FASTWEB testimonial also in 2009 and 2010.


FASTWEB joins the Swisscom group

In March, Swisscom, the former Swiss telecommunications incumbent, launches a public tender offer for 100% of FASTWEB. The offer closes in May; since then the Swiss company has controlled FASTWEB, holding 82.1% of capital.

The FASTWEB management team is confirmed; a new Board of Directors and Chairman are appointed.

The position previously held by Silvio Scaglia is taken by Swisscom chief executive officer Carsten Schloter, who describes FASTWEB as “a masterpiece of Italian entrepreneurship”.

A network expansion plan to raise coverage to 50% of the population is approved.

A Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) agreement is signed with 3 Italia, with services to be launched during 2008.


FASTWEB key supplier for Italy’s Public Administration

The FASTWEB network rollout is completed in March, with coverage of 45% of the population. 2006 is the year FASTWEB becomes the key supplier for local and central government agencies, after winning the Consip contract and the Cnipa contract for the Public Connectivity System (SPC). On the large accounts market, FASTWEB signs contracts with Unicredit, the Italian Post Office and Borsa Italiana. For residential subscribers, it introduces a certified 6Mbit/s offer for all clients, as well as 20 Mbit/s through ADLS 2 +. The TV offer is enhanced with the Replay TV service allowing viewers to replay programs broadcast by Rai, Mediaset, TI Media up to 3 days earlier, and the Multiplatform Universal Decoder.

Valentino Rossi is signed up as the FASTWEB testimonial.


New resources for expansion

FASTWEB’S BoD approves the 2005-2013 industrial plan on 14th January 2005. The plan kicks off a new expansion phase that accelerates FASTWEB’s broadband network roll out, enabling it to reach approximatley half of the Italian population by the end of 2006. The EGM approves on 18th February a share capital increase for a maximum of 800 million Euro by means of the issue and offering of option rights to shareholders and convertible bondholders in order to finance the accelerated expansion phase. The totally successful capital increase is concluded on 1st April with the full subscription of 23,081,751 new ordinary shares issued at the price of 34.65 Euro each for an overall amount of 799,782,672 Euro.

FASTWEB strengthens its position as the fixed operator, recognized not as a young reality technologically advanced, but how strong and reliable telecommunications operator, chosen by households and companies across Italy for the quality and reliability of service.


e.Biscom becomes FASTWEB

The merger between e.Biscom and FASTWEB was completed in December 2004, following the Boards’ approval in April. The merger represents the natural outcome of a streamlining process started in 2002 when the Group began to focus on its core business: fixed broadband telecommunications in Italy. Following the merger, the company is named FASTWEB.

Fastweb announces financial results for H1 2017: customers and margins keep growing for the 16th consecutive quarter. Mobile customers grow by 45%.

In the first semester of 2017 Fastweb further consolidated its position in the Italian broadband market, confirming the continuous improvement of the main financial indicators. The strategy based on infrastructure investment keeps being rewarded by the market and both, consumer and business, customers are increasingly turning to Fastweb as a provider of high performance services.

La rete Snaitech prende quota con la fibra Fastweb

Un percorso costantemente teso all’innovazione tecnologica, per rispondere in modo tempestivo ed efficace alle richieste di un mercato sempre più competitivo. È questa la mission che SNAITECH, tra i principali operatori del gaming e leader nel betting retail, porta avanti da sempre: una strategia che, attraverso l’utilizzo delle migliori soluzioni e la scelta di partner di alto profilo, mira a un costante potenziamento della piattaforma, così da garantire le migliori performance possibili alla propria rete. In quest’ottica, a un anno dalla partnership siglata, SNAITECH annuncia il completamento dell’operazione di migrazione della fibra Fastweb, tra i principali operatori alternativi di telecomunicazioni per il mercato Business e per la Pubblica Amministrazione.

Fastweb lancia l’offerta Ultrafibra a Roma e potenzia la rete dell’Amministrazione Capitolina

Roma e i suoi abitanti entrano nell’era della connettività ultraveloce grazie a Fastweb. Dopo il lancio del servizi ad 1 Gigabit a Milano, Torino e Bologna l’Ultrafibra di Fastweb sbarca nella Capitale dove consentirà di navigare alla velocità di 1 Gigabit in download e fino a 200 Megabit in upload. Grazie ad una velocità fino a 10 volte superiore a quella attuale e ai bassi valori di latenza il servizio Ultrafibra consentirà alle famiglie di vivere al meglio le proprie emozioni: scaricare velocemente film in alta definizione, condividere foto e video sul web con una velocità mai sperimentata prima, giocare on-line, collegare nuovi device della casa intelligente.