Corporate Responsibility Report

Sustainable development has nowadays become a core issue that every responsible company must take into account when planning and implementing a business strategy aiming to a continuous improvement in its social, environmental and economic impact.

Fastweb intend to constantly improve the results achieved within the sphere of corporate responsibility, alongside the parent company Swisscom. The Company is committed to continue along this path in order to achieve the objectives set for the following years, to be sure of excelling in the performance.

As a proof of its commitment to sustainable development, in 2014, for the third year, Fastweb released its Corporate Social Responsibility Report, an effective means to transparently showcase the impact of the company’s actions and choices on the economic, environmental and social framework. Besides, Fastweb obtained the assurance of the report, released by an independent external Body who has verified the accuracy and the quality of the information reported and its adherence to the declared reporting principles.

The Corporate Responsibility Report 2013 is published after having analysed the findings of the campaigns shared with our main categories of Stakeholders: net promoter score monitoring, in-house surveys, focus groups, alignment with partners’ and suppliers’ business principles and values, institutional and research workshops for the community.

FASTWEB’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2014 was drafted in accordance with the guidelines GRI4, released by the international organization Global Reporting Initiative.

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Fastweb, siglato l’Accordo sul Contratto Aziendale ed il rinnovo del premio di risultato per il triennio 2017-2019

Sono pienamente operativi gli accordi siglati tra Fastweb, le Segreterie Nazionali di Slc Cgil – Fistel Cisl – Uilcom Uil – Ugl Telecomunicazioni ed il Coordinamento Nazionale delle RSU. Al termine del confronto che ha visto impegnata l’azienda e le sigle sindacali sono stati sottoscritti i nuovi accordi relativi al Contratto Aziendale e al rinnovo del premio di risultato per il triennio 2017-2019.