FASTWEB manages the Certified Electronic Mail

From October 4, 2007 FASTWEB is enrolled among the Managers of Certified Electronic Mail for the Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale ( / pec_elenco_gestori).

Certified Electronic Mail (PEC) is an e-mail system in which the sender receives documents certifying the sending and delivery of electronic documents.

In particular, the sender of the PEC message receives a transmission receipt and a delivery receipt (or non-delivery), which have legal value. Moreover, if the sender loses receipts, electronic track of the operations performed, preserved by law for a period of 30 months, allowes the reproduction of the receipt, with the same legal value of the receipts themselves. The PEC can then be used in any context in which it is necessary to have opposable evidence of sending and delivery of a given document.

The PEC issued by FASTWEB is currently used only by FASTWEB employees.

Below you can download the Operation Manual.

FASTWEB also offers a PEC service for all enterprises segments. With regard to small and medium-sized enterprises, customers can subscribe to the service by accessing the Customers area of the website.  Those who want to become client can access the site and ask for a business contact to buy a connectivity service inclusive of PEC .

Fastweb potenzia la sua rete fissa a Milano: UltraFibra a 1 Giga in tutta la città entro l’estate

Fastweb estende a Milano la copertura del servizio UltraFibra, con velocità fino a 1 Gigabit in download e fino a 200 Megabit in upload. Entro l’estate 700mila abitazioni e imprese potranno fruire del servizio UltraFibra 1 Giga per navigare in Internet a banda ultralarga con tecnologia Fiber to the Home. Grazie alla potenza della connessione Fastweb sarà possibile vivere al meglio le proprie emozioni, vedere film in alta definizione, caricare i propri video sul web, scambiarsi foto, giocare on-line, collegare nuovi device della casa intelligente ad una velocità fino a 10 volte superiore a quella attuale.

Connections and emotions: Fastweb together with 5VIE art+design for the Design Week

Fastweb participates, together with 5VIE, to the Design Week, that will take place in Milan, from April 4th to 9th. Fastweb will provide the district and the event with next generation connectivity and a program of exclusive visits for its customers. In fact, Fastweb contributes to the development of the country by stimulating creativity and innovation through digital.

Tiscali e Fastweb announce the finalization of the industrial agreement signed on December 5th

Final green light to the two contracts signed by Fastweb and Tiscali at the end of 2016 which support the two companies’ industrial plans, ensuring to each of them access to key resources of the other.