Vision and Values

Enrich Life and Work Through Internet.

Our intention
Understanding the evolution of customer needs to provide the possible best Internet experience.

Company Values

1. Customer First
I live in the community and I am a customer.
Here is why our first approach is from the customer’s point of view.
The quality of the service we offer is in fact dependent on the contribution made by all company functions; our conduct within the company has an identifiable impact, and is therefore visible, on the outside. Customer satisfaction must drive each and every activity: from the answers given by customer care to the development of internal systems; from excavation sites to the clarity of advertising materials, from the speed of connections to the courtesy and professionalism of salespeople, etc.

  • We put ourselves in customers’ shoes.
  • We learn from the experience customers are living and we always improve our services in order to enrich customers’ lives, now and in the future.
  • Customers are our main asset and suggestions and criticisms from them are the main source of inspiration to improve our performance in daily activities.
  • We want to impress them as much as possible with our proximity and reliability.
  • We are our clients’ partner as they always count on us.

2. Trust
Trust, loyalty, reliability first of all. I listen to others and try to catch the best of everything around me.

  • We constantly build reciprocal trust with our customers and colleagues.
  • We inspire trust with our integrity, reliability and fairness.
  • We always listen the other people’s point of view without prejudice or arrogance.
  • We respect other people’s experience and consider their suggestions in areas in which they are better positioned to have a balanced assessment.
  • We dedicate our energy to make the best use of other people’s contributions and to focus on infusing our values in the common shared experience.

3. Innovation @ 360°
I look beyond the external appearance. I love taking on new challenges in everyday work.

  • We continuously improve by driving the change.
  • We support innovation by thinking and developing things in a way that someone has not yet considered.
  • We look for innovation in each and every process or activity that we manage in our day- to- day job life.
  • We feel free to dare and improve the way our organization works internally and externally.

4. Initiative
I face difficulties head on. I am never content, I always think of bringing to work what does not work, and of improving what already works. Hence, enough is not enough. Code of Ethics 11

  • We add value individually during our day-to-day activities. Every little addition helps, aseverything can be done better.
  • We are responsible of taking the initiative in order to improve things that need to be improved or to further strengthen things that are already working well.
  • We are proactive and propose solutions or action plans, always ready to be challenged. Issues or opportunities are there to be solved or taken, not to be left unmanaged.
  • We respect other people’s initiatives.

5. Agility
I am fast and focused and keep things simple.

  • We are fast and keep things simple.
  • We constantly ask ourselves what we can simplify whilst still delivering the same or even a better service to our customers.
  • We work with a speedy pragmatic approach and deliver quality results in a rapid way that gives us a competitive advantage.

Fastweb Mobile, 3 mesi di 4G per la Festa del papà con liveFAST

In occasione della Festa del papà, solo per il weekend del 18 e 19 marzo, Fastweb propone a tutti i clienti con offerta fissa a casa, iscritti o che si iscriveranno a liveFAST, tre mesi gratis di chiamate e di Internet sottoscrivendo, senza vincoli, un’offerta mobile 4G prepagata. Fastweb propone questa iniziativa per consentire a tutti coloro che hanno già attivato un’offerta fissa di testare la copertura e tutta la potenza e la qualità dei servizi della nuova rete 4G.

Con Fastweb e CHILI tutta l’emozione del grande cinema per la festa del papà

liveFAST il programma di Fastweb che offre ogni mese vantaggi esclusivi dedicati ai propri clienti si arricchisce di nuovi contenuti grazie alla speciale collaborazione con CHILI, la piattaforma streaming on demand che offre tutte le prime visioni subito dopo l’uscita nelle sale. Nell’ambito della nuova campagna “Il primo che ti ha fatto volare” dedicata alla festa del papà, Fastweb offre infatti a tutti i propri clienti l’emozione del grande cinema da vedere con chi si ama di più.

Fastweb Mobile, 4G per la Festa della Donna

L’8 marzo, in occasione della Festa della Donna, Fastweb offre fino a 25 euro di ricarica a tutti clienti che acquistano un’offerta mobile 4G prepagata senza costi di attivazione e senza vincoli. Fastweb propone questa iniziativa per consentire a sempre più persone di connettersi e comunicare in mobilità e di provare la qualità dei servizi, la potenza e copertura della nuova rete 4G senza vincoli. L’iniziativa è disponibile presso i negozi monomarca Fastweb di tutta Italia per tutti i clienti privati che acquistano le offerte prepagate Fastweb Mobile 250, Mobile 500 e Mobile Freedom e mantengono il proprio numero telefonico.