Management Board
Alberto Calcagno
Chief Executive Officer
Alberto Calcagno is Chief Executive Officer di FASTWEB. Calcagno joined the company in 2000 as Head of Strategic Planning. He has covered various strategic roles within the company: from 2005 to 2007 he was Chief Financial Officer and from 2007 to 2010 he was Chief Operating Officer. [...]
Roberto Biazzi
Chief Human Capital Officer
Roberto Biazzi is the Chief Human Capital Officer of FASTWEB since november 2011 with the responsibility to co-ordinate the strategies and all the personnel programs. Biazzi joined FASTWEB in 1999 as head of the Wholesales segment and was later appointed Large Accounts Country Manager. At the beginning of 2002 he became an Area Director, with responsibility for operations in Milan and the surrounding [...]
Fabrizio Casati
Chief Digital Transformation Officer
Fabrizio Casati is Chief Digital Transformation Officer of Fastweb and is responsible for all activities related to the company's digital transformation and Information Technology. Casati is also Chief Wholesale Officer and he is in charge of Sales and Customer Operations for the market of Telco Operators. Casati joined... [...]
Federico Ciccone
Chief Marketing & Customer Experience Officer
Federico Ciccone is the Chief Marketing & Customer Experience Officer di FASTWEB, with responsibility on marketing, communication, processes, customer experience, digital and innovation and strategic partnership. Born in Lodi in 1972 and graduated in Economics at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan Ciccone began his career in the telecommunications sector in England by Analysys, [...]
Peter Grüter
Chief Financial Officer
Peter Grüter is the Chief Financial Officer of FASTWEB since July 2014 and is responsible for managing all financial activities and aspects of the company. Born in 1968 in Germany, Grüter studied in Germany, France and in the United States. He holds a a PhD in physics from Ėcole Normale Supérieure in Paris. Prior to Swisscom, he served 7 years as management consultant with McKinsey and Comp, Berlin. Peter specialized in telecom, IT, and media industries, and strategy and business [...]
Massimo Mancini
Chief Enterprise Officer
Massimo Mancini is the Chief Enterprise Officer of FASTWEB. He co-ordinates Sales and Customer Operations for medium, large corporations and Public Administration market. He joined FASTWEB in 2005 as responsible for the start-up of Central Public Administration sector and subsequently was appointed head of the whole Public Administration sector with the acquisition of [...]
Mario Mella
Chief Technology Officer
Mario Mella is the Chief Technology Officer of FASTWEB since 2008 and he is responsible for the technological areas and operating processes relating to the Network and Information Technology. Mella joined the company during the start-up in 1999 and was in charge of access technology and the implementation of the Fibre to the Home project. In 2003 he was project leader for the launch of unicast and multicast IPTV on DSL [...]
Giovanni Moglia
Chief Legal & Regulatory Affairs Officer
Giovanni Moglia is the Chief Legal & Regulatory Affairs Officer of FASTWEB since 2000 and ensures legal assistance, compliance with laws and regulations and support in negotiations with other telecommunications/content providers or in relations with authorities. Born in 1960 and graduated in law, with a special focus on economic law and competition and market regulation, Moglia joined the Studies Office of CONSOB, the Italian [...]
Andrea Pizzigoni
Chief Consumer & Micro Business Officer
Andrea Pizzigoni is Chief Consumer & Micro Business Officer of FASTWEB. He co-ordinates Sales and Customer Operations for Families and Soho professional market. Pizzigoni joined FASTWEB in 2001 to start up the Indirect Sales channel for consumer and business market in the Center Area Division. In 2008 he is responsible for Italy  [...]
Sergio Scalpelli
Chief Institutional & External Relations Officer
Sergio Scalpelli is the Chief Institutional & External Relations Officer of FASTWEB since 2001 and is responsible for relations with bodies, institutions, government agencies, associations and the Italian and international media, to ensure that the company’s institutional visibility is consistent with its industrial plan. Born in 1959, from 1983 to 1992 Scalpelli has been the director of the Casa della Cultura in Milan, a training and information [...]
Fastweb estende la copertura a banda ultralarga fino a 200 Megabit al secondo in 19 nuove città

La fibra di Fastweb arriva in 19 nuove città, dove oltre 250.000 famiglie e aziende avranno a disposizione connettività a banda ultralarga per navigare ad una velocità fino a 200 Megabit al secondo in download e 20 Megabit in upload.

Fastweb Mobile, minuti e giga in 4G gratis tutta l’estate

Al via un’estate piena di minuti e giga gratis con Fastweb per tutti coloro che sottoscriveranno un’offerta mobile 4G prepagata.

Fastweb, siglato l’Accordo sul Contratto Aziendale ed il rinnovo del premio di risultato per il triennio 2017-2019

Sono pienamente operativi gli accordi siglati tra Fastweb, le Segreterie Nazionali di Slc Cgil – Fistel Cisl – Uilcom Uil – Ugl Telecomunicazioni ed il Coordinamento Nazionale delle RSU. Al termine del confronto che ha visto impegnata l’azienda e le sigle sindacali sono stati sottoscritti i nuovi accordi relativi al Contratto Aziendale e al rinnovo del premio di risultato per il triennio 2017-2019.